January 7, 2010

1. Am on the third read of the Dream Songs. I get how people don’t like it on aesthetic (modern sonnet?) and socio-political (Mr. Bones) grounds. But on the human level, this is an incredibly sad document of someone struggling through life, like I suspect we all are. And his struggles ended in the Mississippi.

2. Just had some more poems from the last chap manuscript I wrote accepted. This always makes me feel good. It’s hard, especially in an area without an English speaking poetry community, to get that little nudge to tell you you’re going in an okay direction with your work.

3. Everyone uses to find streaming movies. If you don’t mind Chinese subtitles, you can find almost anything. I mean, on a whim, me and the teachers I work with found the shitty Stallone movie “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” and they had it. Just type the title in the search bar. Youku streams, so you're not not downloading. I think it might be legal (ie., you're not the criminal), even in the States.

4. Am once again on the 100 letters campaign. This has been my resolution for the past three years. I plan to write 100 letters to friends and family. A letter in the mail is still worth more than an email. I wish more of my friends agreed. If I don’t have your current addy, thengive it to me as my letter might miss the target.


Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

Is this the new address on the blog? Bldg 6? I have a New Years card waiting.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

I should have my new address up on the sidebar by the end of the day. Sha is helping me with it. There's one character I don't know and I want to be double sure my translation is correct anyhow.

Blogger rodney k said...

Hi David,

Owe you a letter this year--appreciated yours. Will check the sidebar for the new address. Good luck with the registratin', Mr. Bones.


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