Chinese New Year's Eve 2010

Susanne Messmer and George Lindt, Beijing Bubbles (2005, although my box says 2007).

As the fireworks have been constantly going off in my parking lot all day, I thought it might be the perfect time to watch Beijing Bubbles, a documentary of the punk and rock scene in Beijing around 2005, when the band Joyside was releasing their Ramones sounding album "Drunk is Beautiful". There are a few overlooked bands [Brain Failure, PK-14 and subs(human)to name a few obvious omissions and the entire metal scene] but this docu does a good job of showing how being a (punk) rocker in China is different (when the lead singer of Sha Zi says, "This is a place where a lot of bad ideas come from" in front of the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, that's most likely prisonable) and the same as the West(as when the bassist of the same band says, these people are too consumer and money oriented that they have lost the capacity for critical thought [although in China this is helped along by the brainswashing media[[oh, we have that too, right]]]).

Google has a link to it on Youtube here: but I don't know if it works because Youtube is blocked. I'll look for a link I know that works soon.


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