April 19, 2010

1. Been watching a lot of the old Ali fights recently. On the block tonight is his '78 fight with Leon Spinks. I can't quite figure out what the appeal is, but there's more to these matches than the current round of Friday night fights they show on Sunday nights here in China.

2. Watching baseball games like there's a shortage of 'em or something. Because of the time difference, I can usually catch 2 games (3 if I'm lazy) before I need to physically get out of bed and get moving towards the work day. It has made the work day so much better; although, I work with a bunch of Brits, a Kiwi and two American chicks who don't understand and thus don't like the baseball. So talking about an awesome Sweeney catch in Right Field near the track, belly flopping in the dirt but holding on to the ball in the heel of his glove gets a sigh and an I-guess-that's-something-special-then look.

3. I remember an art exhibition in the mid-to-late 90s in New York where someone had tracked every ball pitched by a team (Yankees?) for an entire year and put each game onto a single sheet of graph paper, well before Fox had that auto-box thing they do now. Obsessive, detailed, and actually very informative. Wish I could remember who and which gallery.

4. The last week in Beijing has been accompanied by low level clouds, which means that all the pollution that usually blows freely into Tianjin has been pushed downwards. Think of LA in the 70s as far as air quality: you can't see the skyscraper you know is a block and a half away. I haven't used my asthma inhaler in years, but I've been using daily this past week. Hoping for a huge storm that'll clean up the air a bit, or a really big wind that'll blow all this shit to the ocean, but that'd most likely mean another sandstorm.

5. The point of "Blacula" (1972) seems to be that heroin, aka vampirism, in the ghetto is the consequence of THE evil white man (Dracula) and his obstinancy towards oppression (slavery). Vampires, like addicts, increase exponentially once a vampire moves into a neighborhood. But vampires/pushers need love too, and there's a sequence of acceptance to participation that their beloved goes through.


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