April 30, 2010

I've just been looking at joining Facebook, equally as difficult as posting a post here.

Facebook asks for too much info. I'm having a Philip K. Dick moment where I realize we voluntarily enter so much information into a system that we don't fully understand, that cant possibly be set up in our best interest, and that we cant be confident of completely deleting later.

I know in China, everything I do is run through 1 of 3 super-portals to the outside web. Everything I do is monitored. Even this post.

Cellphone texts get put through a similar wringer. Thank you China Mobile and China Telecom. Two state owned telecoms that together control 100% of the cellphone traffic.

I know I'm being mined (at the best)/ looked at (worst case). What's happening with all of the info you're giving freely?

Is under the radar even possible now?

How's rescinding that Patriot Act doing?


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