April 5, 2010

1. It's Tomb Sweeping Day in China, so I got the day off.

2. I have some work up in the current issue of Moria:

3. Got Jeffrey Schrader's Art Fraud (BlazeVox 2010) in the mail, and immediately read 2/3rds of it before I had to go to work. I'll write at more length about it soon. A good example of the poet as critic.

4. Caught opening day action via the internet. That made me very happy this morning. My fantasy team looks stronger than last year's.


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

Headed to Opening Night of the MLB Farm System. See how many pitches they let Sheets get in before Beane trades him for some 14-year-old Dominicans.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

He won't trade too much until just before the All-Star break when it looks like they might actually have a shot at something.

Watched Jason Kendall catch for the Royals this morning. Very strange.

I got Andrew Bailey and Justin "My arm is fresh from a year off" Duchscherer on my fantasy team.

Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

In case you're thinking of also adding Sheets- don't.


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