May 6, 2010

1. For some reason, I was remembering the TV show "The Courtship of Eddy's Father." I don't remembering it being good. I do remember being a small kid and thinking it was cheesy, before I had a word to put with that phenomenon.

2. My building neighbors actually stood up for me today. When I was walking back home after buying a pineapple in the hutong, a guy came a little too close to hitting me on his moped in the parking lot and a group of my neighbors called him back and made him apologize. This is a long way from the cold shoulder I got when I first moved in back in January, being the first foreigner in the complex. I feel pretty good about this.

3. Sanjay brought in Toto's song "Africa" to work yesterday to boost our spirits in what has been a pretty lackluster week. Mission accomplished. No one knew the actual words (which after looking them up later are rather dire), but we all sang. We replayed and sang it again before the end of lunch. It had us laughing well into after hours beers.

4. I ditched half my fantasy bullpen this week. My hitters control most of the stats (Runs, HR, RBIs), but I'm solidly mid-range when it comes to my pitchers. Duchscherer is still on the roster but he better get healthy or put on the DL quickly.

5. Have been skipping around Alan Kaprow's Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life (U of California, repr. 2003).

6. One of the few benefits of growing up in Detroit is that Ernie Harwell (radio), Al Kaline and George Kell (TV) [all Hall of Famers] will always be the voices I hear when I think of baseball. To put it very kindly, the play by plays now compared to my youth are simply lacking. Detroit was a good place for baseball announcing. Kell and Harwell will both be missed by generations of Tigers fans.


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

On the bright side, your hometown hockey team is mounting a comeback in the 3rd quarter, and your adopted town baseball team is leading the AL West... with a whopping .517 winning average.

Missing you at games... its a pretty dismal scene out there at the Concrete ShitHouse of Baseball


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