June 10, 2010

I've looked at my records and I am well below the pace to meet my 100 letters goal for the year.

This usually happens though, as some of the folks I write to don't respond for one reason or another. And more than a fair few email me back, which gets an email not a postal response, etc. . .

Mail, your soon to be obsolete mailman digs it.

If you want to hold his job till he's a pensioner, you can write to me at the addy on the sidebar.

I'm good with responding to physical mail.

Letters on paper. What's not to dig?

Have recently received a couple of samples of really good letterhead. As the letter is dying out, so is the need for letterhead. A travesty, as letterhead design always said so much within such a small area.

My Corona typewriter needs a new ribbon.

In China, typewriters are museums pieces. I'm going to go to the Staples in art district to see if I can't convince the manager to get me a ribbon from the States (made in China from the States). Walmart and Carrefour have been hopeless in this.

They ask disdainfully, "Why don't you use a computer?" Because I want to type. "But why?" Um, because. Extend this conversation another 15-20 minutes in a language you are barely competent in, in a megastore you wouldn't be caught dead in Stateside, with the end result that they don't and won't carry typewriter ribbons, or order one for you, even though at Walmart they could get one from America, but the manager didn't want to bother with ordering internationally. Walmart America's website won't ship to China, they point you to their stores in country.

And we'll have fun, fun, fun, till Daddy takes the T-Bird away.


Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

Good sir, I wrote back, but I have no idea if the card made it all the way across the Pacific. I sent it in February on an actual snowday when we were sent home from the VW/Audi office. I think considering the day coming soon, I need to send you another card for the solstice. Shall I look for ribbon and snd it, too?

Blogger tenstorytreehouse said...

I haven't received a letter... but will write you one. Want us to get a ribbon for you as a birthday gift? (BTW, check out my blog post titled "Boy Wonder"--I think you'll like it--you're no longer the youngest (or most mischievous) male in the fam.)


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