June 16, 2010

1.Happy Dragon Boat Day. This is one of the rekindled, get our heritage back holidays that the Chinese Government has given to workers. I have the day off.

You are supposed to eat zhongzi, rice wrapped in bamboo with maybe meat or other surprises. I've eaten zhongzi, don't really dig the zhongzi, but when I'm out and about in the neighborhood later, as the token foreigner, if one is offered, and it will be, I'll take one for the team.

At least it's a festival about a poet:

"In the year 278 B.C., at the age of 37, [poet] Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Milo River. He clasped a heavy stone to his chest and leaped into the water. Knowing that Qu Yuan was a righteous man, the people of Chu rushed to the river to try to save him. The people desperately searched the waters in their boats looking for Qu Yuan but were unsuccessful in their attempt to rescue him. Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated to commemorate this attempt at rescuing Qu Yuan."

You're also meant to throw rice into rivers and lakes on this day, so the fish will eat the rice and not the poet's body.

America's got nothing near like this for poets.

2. For all my bitching about mail, I got postcards from Sara Wintz and an amazing hand-done griff postcard from Geof Huth.

I got the latest installment of the Pretty Panicks score project from Ms. Wintz. I am going to give this score to Hadi, a student of mine whose the lead guitarist for a Chinese metal band. Hadi is a metal god on guitar.

If you look carefully enough at Geof's card, you can ascertain which parts dried first. It's really beautiful.

3. North Korea's goal against Brazil was more convincing than the US's goal against England.

4. I'm watching a lot of old boxing matches. For TV, they used to film the match, then add the commentary later; like, the Marciano - La Starva fight. The commentators use the present tense to seem like they're there, but then they announce "watch this power-packed right by Marciano that just misses" beforehand.

For all his faults, I think Howard Cosell was a brilliant fight caller, like Ernie Harwell or Harry Caray was to baseball.


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Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

Appropriately it is Ernie Harwell Day here in the "D", the summer solstice. Joyeux anniversaire!


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