June 18, 2010

1. Sometimes, China does an amazing job of accommodating nostalgia, even US nostalgia. Via, I spent the morning rewatching the crappy superhero cartoons of my 1970s childhood. The Superfriends have aged poorly, but it did make me feel like Saturday morning in a way that I haven't had a Saturday morning in a good long time. I reversed the usual Detroit UHF order and went for 50s B-movie horror (finishing 1956's The Werewolf) before delving into a standard comedy classic: this time, 1948's Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (and Dracula and the Werewolf). Ah, it feels like a proper day off.

2. After getting a haircut in Shuangjing yesterday, I bought a cheap 2元 notebook that I have decided is going to be the Ultraman notebook. I'm doing all the preliminaries to get the notebook ready, and I'm getting super excited about it. The size of the notebook sheet is, as always, the first parameter, but I've been notebooking this project for a good long while. It's all very exciting.


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