June 7, 2010

It is sad to watch an Oakland A's home game against Minnesota and no matter how the camera pans (a guy on first, for instance) you're looking at empty green seats.

I dig the Coliseum, have fond memories, etc. But the Raiders have no problem selling out tickets to a non-contending team to this crappy cement shit-brick of a stadium. It's equally no-good for either sport, but the Raider Nation is there week in, week out. The A's sell out when the Yankees and the Red Sox come to town.

There is no home base for the A's.

I say, dare I say, move the A's to a city that will come out for it, and I don't mean San Jose, whose fans apparently can't find the Coliseum going a few miles miles north on 580.

The Portland A's, the Memphis A's, the Charlotte A's, even the Omaha A's. The first three support their hometown basketball teams. Oakland's BBall team is called the Golden State Warriors, which always seemed to downplay their Oakland home-base to me.

The A's are a Philly team that moved out West to grab a bigger crowd. Moving to Omaha, for example, would make a lot of sense. Nebraska is a sports loving state, and as they don't have a major professional sports team representing them, they'd turn up in droves.

Or, JD and Chad are you ready for it, why not Iowa?

The Des Moines A's.


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

Hey, if you want to nominate a team to break the Nebraska market open, why don't you send one of Florida's teams, who have equally dismal attendance even when they are kicking ass, and they're doing it in the richest division in baseball.

It may be true that Oakland is more of a football town than baseball, but they've also gotten a pretty raw deal in terms of ownership- Finley was a misanthrope who pissed off fans and players alike, and Beane is a boring technocrat who trades away anyone with personality.

Only good years we ever had, in terms of fanbase, were the Canseco years. So wherever the A's go, it better be close to a good pharmacy...

besides, Wuertz just caught a comebacker from Denard Span to win, and that's the best the Midwest can come up with.


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