September 22, 2010

It's Mid-Autumn Day in China, which means I get an extra day off this week. I'm putting it to good use by waking up at 4 am for no real reason. However, I have started reading Rosalind E. Krauss' Perpetual Inventory (October, 2010) this morning. I've also been reading Allen Deloach, ed., Intrepid: A Decade and Then Some (Intreprid, 1976). It's interesting to read old anthologies to get a good sense of how the different writers' work pushed and pulled at the questions of the era.


Blogger Stephanie said...

happy mid-autumn day Mr. Horton. It's nice to see you here. I, too, have questions about the Beijing bikini. But probs you and the pool hall crew have moved past that question already.

Miss you.


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