September 27, 2010

From the Desk of 21 Grand (in Oakland)

A lot of rumors have been spreading about changes at 21 Grand so here is the official news update:

After 10 years working as both Executive and Programming Director of 21 Grand, Sarah Lockhart has stepped down. She has left her indelible mark on this institution and the East Bay’s cultural landscape, and will be sorely missed here. 21 Grand would not still be in existence without her invaluable efforts.

In addition to Sarah's departure, 21 Grand recently received a “cease & desist cabaret activity” letter from the Oakland office of the city
administrator. 21 Grand has subsequently been forced to cancel all but a of live music shows that were scheduled. Until the permit issues are resolved, there will be no more live music shows at 21 Grand.

Events scheduled for October 24 (Fred Frith & Patrice Scanlon with
special guests) and November 20th (Lexa Walsh’s Kackala and Charming
Hostess) will be held pending special event permits.

This is a serious issue for 21 Grand, hindering our ability to continue to serve the experimental arts community. It also removes a major source of income that keeps our doors open. We are still figuring out how to proceed as an organization.

21 Grand currently has zoning clearance for the categories of “community assembly” and “cultural non-assembly”. So, if anyone has anything in mind for lectures, workshops, or renting for private rehearsals – please keep 21 Grand in mind. Live shows were a major part of 21 Grand’s activity and income; that time is now available, and other activities to help fill the gap are welcome.

Next Sunday, October 3, there will be an emergency rummage sale from
noon - 8pm. Come by and help us make up some of the budget shortfall
caused by the cease and desist! All our unused items in storage must go.

Stay tuned for further announcements on how you might help. 21 Grand
needs your support now more than ever.

Please direct any inquiries to:

Darren Jenkins
Director, 21 Grand



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