September 6, 2010

So I had a trip to Xinjiang (where Uyghurs, Kazhaks, and Mongolians outnumber the Han by a good deal) in mid-August.

1. Urumqi, the capital has a good atmosphere; although, the local market / bazaar has been Han-ified into just another tourist market for cheap touristy crap, like in Beijing.

2. Spent a good deal of time on a bus going through the desert. All the oil machinery made me wonder why this province is so poor.

3. On the bus, I read Ryan Murphy's, The Redcoats (Krupskaya, 2010). I lost my notes on it, but I did like it.

4. More later.


Blogger rodney k said...

Fascinated to hear more. Ashamed that I didn't know of Xinjiang till you said you were going there; have smartened some up via Google since. More!

Blogger rodney k said...

P.S. Mailbag just arrived. Grazie.


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