December 16, 2010

Hideki Matsui is coming to the A's.

He's another in the long list of past their prime sluggers to wear the Athletics jersey: think Mike Piazza or Frank Thomas. A single veteran with some (declining) stats isn't enough to build a team around, especially on a one-year contract.

How many rebuilding years can Oakland stand?


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

Would you recommend, then, paying above the $96mil that Texas just dropped on Beltre?

I agree in general with the complaint, but this year I have to say that Beane did what he could to go after hitters in the market, and there just weren't many.

Maybe Godzilla will be more Thomas of '06, instead of Giambi of '08...

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

My Liverpudlian friends commiserate on the idea of decades of "rebuilding teams".

The Liverpool soccer team is just a few points (4) away from relegation, meaning that they will be a AAA club if relegated. Imagine this for baseball. The A's would've officially been a farm team for a fair few years.

I've told my Liverpool friends not to worry so much, as the Red Sox just bought the Liverpool team.

They've already 86ed he old coach. Now look for the trades and salary cap fudging to begin.

That aside, I will have a Matsui A's Jersey to wear proudly in Beijing, where noone cares about baseball.


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