February 25, 2011

1. Sent WZ off at the Beijing North Train Station. Dismal place, but next to some very interesting architecture, both ancient and modern. I like these bubble buildings (above) just behind the train station at Xizhimen. Beijing has no problem with mixing architectural styles. It's a nice visual metaphor for Beijing itself: an ancient, yet very modern city. How long it will keep this balance beyond the confines of the Forbidden City and its near vicinity is in question, but for now the eye wanders and is at times perplexed in a way that can't happen in Chicago, for example.

2. Have rediscovered Coca-Cola as a beverage option. The only things weirder to drink in my experience are Dr. Pepper, root beer, baijiu (Chinese rice liquor), and butter milk (which my mom likes and apparently grew up on). And yet, here I am drinking a Coke.

3. In China, there is no NFL coverage outside of the Superbowl. So, I'm now watching the Detroit Lions 2010 season with no known outcomes--it's fresh to me, although I have heavy suspicions, as any Detroit fan (that's a strong word, life-long follower?) might. Thought it would be best if I watched their whole season in the space of a week to cut down on the frustration. That tactic isn't exactly working. Currently watching the Jets at Detroit, halftime score Detroit 7-Jets 10.

4. Which is to say, I've read a fair few books of poetry lately and have been mighty disappointed. Reading poetry is sometimes like being a Lions fan: the talent is there, the plays are there, as a fan in the stands you can see what they are going after, but the execution . . . .


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