February 28, 2011

Detroit 187

When I asked my still-in-the-Detroit-area friend whether or not to watch this show, she simply said, "Detroiters aren't that pretty," and she's right. The cops I knew growing up in the 313 were much plainer, dumpier, not made for TV, think "Hill Street Blues".

That said, I do like the pro-Detroit spin that the writers (some of whom are obviously not from Detroit--for example, Grand Rapids to Detroit is a 3.5-4 hour trip, not a 2 hour trip, if you are speeding: this timeline was central to a rich wife having killed her husband. If it were a New York cop show, they wouldn't have been so sloppy.)

The shots the cameras are getting from the city exist, both good and bad.

I'm watching it because I can see my hometown from Beijing. I'm glad the producers and writers went the middle road with how they present the city.


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