May 12, 2011

Picked up my SPD package from the post office annex this morning. I am reading-material wealthy for the near future.

Alan Bernheimer, The Spoonlight Institute (Adventures in Poetry, 2009)
Julian T. Brolaski, Gowanus Atropolis (Ugly Duckling, 2011)
MacGregor Card, Duties of an English Foreign Secretary (Fence, 2009)
John Clarke, From Feathers to Iron (Tombouctou/Convivio, 1987)
Norma Cole, To Be at Music: Essays & Talks (Omnidawn, 2010)
Sandra Doller, Chora (Ahsahta, 2010)
Noah Eli Gordon, The Source (Futurepoem, 2011)
Fanny Howe, Tis of Thee (CD)
David Lespiau, Four Cut-Ups: or the Case of the Restored Volume (Burning Deck, 2006)
Rachel Levitsky, Neighbor (Ugly Duckling, 2009)
Charles Olson, The Principle of Measure in Composition by Field: Projective Verse II (Chax, 2010)
Sina Queyras, Unleashed (BookThug, 2009)
Joan Retallack, Procedural Elegies: Western Civ Cont'd (Roof, 2010)
Peter Richards, Helsinki (Action, 2011)
William Corbett, Albert York (Pressed Wafer, 2010)


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