May 18, 2011

"I will win this battle if I have to kill every last white bitch in high heels around here."

Roseanne Barr spins a very interesting tale of sexism and classism about the making of her show, and how nada has changed since.

At the time of its peak, I didn't recognize the importance of Roseanne. Being working class, I've never thought about it. You see a family similar to you on TV, and why not, that's your life?

But for the life of me tonight, I can't think of any other mainstream prime time American TV show EVER that deals/dealt with the working class (unless you count crime shows, which I don't).

Being in China, there may be new shows that champion the working class, the hardest hit in the financial downturn. If these shows exist, lemme know.
(Amy King on Facebook clued me in to the Barr interview)


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