August 2, 2011

So in the Fantastic Four, no. 4 (Marvel, 1961) the Submariner gets reintroduced after a long hiatus from the Marvel Universe by winding up an amnesiac Bowery bum in a flophouse. After a shave and a haircut (given by the Human Torch), the Submariner is pissed to see his old underwater domain destroyed by atomic bomb testing. He vows revenge against all humans. An anti-hero is born. Invisible Girl reluctantly agrees to marry him in exchange for not killing all of humanity, but her reluctance angers him more. A Human Torch tornado factors in, and we are all saved . . . for now.



Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

When I read your post EDT and see the follwing day's date it makes for its own comic book moment. I can travel 12 hours into the future with only one glass of wine. If you move to Australia, I will have to move to bourbon. Bises de Detroit.


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