January 13, 2012

Swapping apartments with my landlord either in February or March, as her son is or isn't rolling back into town and she'll need the bigger (my current) apartment. The other apartment is a-okay but a bit further south (read: I saw a donkey drawn cart when I saw the place) but loads cheaper and nearish enough to the subway to make it a good move.

So this means that I've started packing. I already have about 8-10 boxes ready to go. I haven't started the real packing; I've just put most of my books into boxes. When I came here 3 years ago, everything I owned fit into two suitcases. Now, I need at least two maybe three bookcases. As I don't read a lot of fiction, it's harder to pawn my books to the local ex-pat coffee shops, donating to the libraries here is a bureaucratic nightmare, and the used bookstores pay less than the going rate for paper for books.

But there are much worse problems to have.


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