June 21, 2011

1. Read Haruki's South of the Border, East of the Sun on the plane. It made me feel middle-aged.
2. In Phoenix to see the family.
3. Watched the Diamondbacks and White Sox with my dad on Father's Day.
4. Bought a Detroit Tigers cap to replace the one I gave Ste in Beijing.
5. Getting the guitar my parents gave me on my 13th birthday back today with new awesome travel case.
6. In the market for a bolo tie. Figure that Phoenix might be a good place to find one.

June 8, 2011

I've been listening to a lot of radio dramas lately, mainly Golden Age, but some more modern -- it's one of the things I do to combat insomnia. This seems to me to be a really neglected art form. "The Shadow" and the like were utter kak, but Mamet's "The Water Engine", for example, shows that the form has potential.


Dragon Boat Day, 2011

Dreams about dead fish in a bucket.
Dreams about a Scooby-Doo mansion.
Dreams about a murder most complicated.
Dreams about trains.
Dreams about a long table and many guests, no feast.
Dreams about walking around the neighborhood.
Dreams where I speak fluent Mandarin.
Dreams where I speak rusty French.
Dreams where I play hockey and wear a size 8 skate.
Dreams of arson.
Dreams of where I am involved in some international scandal and am unaware of my role.
Dreams that would make good radio plays.
Dreams that are more sonic than visual.
Dreams about villages and tundra.
Dreams about past and futures times.
Dreams about two-legged dogs.
Dreams about mahjong.
Dreams about everything being alright.